High School Tour
November 9th, 2002

Distance View

Outsitde Gathering

Rick Wells, Gerry Wade, Carol Maloy, Barb Schiffman


Ball Field

New Side Entrance

Scott Sewell, Denise Dubosch, Kim Immig, Carol Maloy, Lori Whitmore, Mike Minervini, Sue Ford, Dave Pasquariello

Barb Schiffman, Rina Pelligrini, Cheryl Greenland, Vito Clementi, Jeff Forrest, Bonnie Hagen ('74), Dave Gardner

George Beck, Tony Forte,Kim Immig, Carol Maloy, Mike Minervini, Gerry Wade, Sue Ford, Bob Drab, Robin Becker, Rick Wells, Scott Sewell, Cheryl Greenland, Vito Clementi, Rick Wells, Sally Brann, Micky Vandegard, Jeff Forrest

Ball Field

Cafeteria--same old tables and chairs

Group Shot

Outside Gathering

The School




Hallway - GO INDIANS

Main Office

Lori Whitmore, Barb Schiffman, Robin Becker

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