Main Event Photos 1
November 9th, 2002

By popular request, names have been added to help our recall.
Please help to fill in the blanks

Brian Gordon, Barb Schiffman, Dale Distacio

Cathy Payne, Jim Sawyer, Marybeth Schroeder

Craig Radhuber

Mike Hartnett, John Bogle, Rich McGuire, Tim Crawford

Tony Forte, Val Villee, Edie Braumann(back)

Kevin Kasperowicz, Elaine Mumford

The IHM Connection
Mike Killeen,Marybeth Schroeder, Gerry Wade, Bob Drab

Scott Sewell, Sue Ford

Nancy Tonnesen, Kevin Kasperowicz, Janice Besso


Gerry Wade, Ian Marshall

??, Annette Lauber


Marybeth Schroeder, Marilyn Albanese

Guess Who, Karen Intrabartolo, Kathy Abramson


Gerry Wade, Craig Radhuber

Janice Besso, Kathy Fisher, guest/spouse

Edie Braumann, Tony Forte

Val Villee, Bernadette Scibetta, Nancy Tonnesen(back), Elaine Mumford, Janice Besso

Gerry Wade, Pete Lupichuk

The Room

Sue Ford, Scott Sewell

Bill Smith, Jim Chappa

Kevin Kasperowicz, Gerry Wade

Vito Clementi, Glenn Albrecht, Dale Distacio, Doug Lasnick

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